Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog candy

Ok so I promised blog candy so here's the deal It's my blogoversary today I can't believe I've been doing this for a year crazy. Not only that but it will be my birthday on Feb 1 so I thought that deserves blog candy. In order to be put into the random drawing all you need to do is help me come up with a name for my baby no big deal right LOL! I'm having a boy and I can't think of anything that I like so I need help. Just some info like different names that you don't hear very often with the last name of Smith I need something a little different my other children' s names are Koi, Kenley, and Anaiah. So just give me a boys name and I'll put you in the drawing to win. The contest will close One week from today so Next Friday 30th 12:oo MST I'll post the winner on Sat morning.


Ceal said...

little boy, Congrats! I love the name Josiah Clayton but my baby days are over, so maybe if I have grand children I can talk them into this name and my daughter says to put Noah Clayton down because she likes that name My father's name was Clayton and we like that name

MoooooN said...

Congratulations!!! Do you like the name Travis? Or may be Alex?

Joana said...

congrats !!What about REUBEN or FERGUS or HARVEY ??? .

hope you are OK?
Joana xxxx

~Vittory~ said...

WOW my congratulations!!! I's a boy!!! Gush it's the best time - waiting for a baby!!!

Well I think that name Ivan won't hear everyday with the last name of Smith...(it's Russian)...but how about Olan (Sweden)...or Eerik (Estonian)...or Kim...or Alexander (my favorite)

MOM said...


Me said...

Personaly I like Brother of Koi and I will call him BK

hmmmmmmm names that I like Oh my fave is Colliar

And this is the list of names the girls on the digi board came up with when Juddie was looking

AshArden (fiery)
Caelan (scottish form of Nicholas)

There you are do with them what you will.

Chrissy D said...

Mmm Congratulations Jessica! :) You could name him Noah, Isaiah, Jacob....

I really like Noah, but then I have one too. LOL

Happy Anniversary!

Karen said...

Congratulations Jessica!! How about Cameron, Bryce, Cole, Trevor - to name a few.

Again - Congrats!!

Shirley said...

Congtatulations - on your baby boy (when will he join us??) and also on your blog anniversary.

As for names, I will just give you my grandsons' names and see if any of them fit ...
Josiah Daniel
Alexander Patrick
Timothy Adam
Jeremiah Lee
Joel Archer
Elisha David
Joshua Thomas

Any of them sound good to you?
Hugs, Sassy Shirley

lilscrappers said...

I like Elijah Smith, but mine are Benjamin and Thomas c dot w @

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Here are my ideas, named for family members of course. I have a grandson Roman James named after books of the Bible, his dad is Samuel James.
Another grandson named Christopher James called CJ. His dad, my son, is Mark Anthony (no not named for the singer, he's 43 yrs. old) My dad was Arthur. How about Aiden? I think that's how it's spelled, it's Irish, lovely masculine name also. My husband's name is common..Edward and my brother is Richard.

Good luck with your choice!

Tracey said...

Congrats on having a boy! Very exciting!!

Baby names are so tough to pick out - I like Caleb & Joshua & Lucas

Courtney said...

Here are some names:


DAD said...


Anita said...

Congrats! I love your kids names. I looked up unique names on the internet and found Shaquan and Thor.

Anonymous said...

Clayton or Seamus

Maxene Choi said...

Congratulations on expecting a new little boy!

I like the names:

Thomas (Tommy)


Tammy said...


My son's name is:
Jordan Alexander

One of my best friends just had a baby & came up with:
Hudson Charles

My cousin also just had a baby but she had a little girl (Lilee Arie) if Lilee had been a boy the name would have been:
Dawson Lee

Good Luck on your name search I am sure that you will have many to choose from soon!!

terriavidreader said...

Congrats on the baby, and the birthday and the blogoversary too! Now, how about Arnold,or Sawyer, or Spencer, Sinclair or Warrick.
Thanks for the blog candy ofer!

Lisa W said...

I like the name Cody Michael. I think this was a very clever way to get ideas for names. Congratulations.

Christi said...

I gravitate more towards traditional names. My boys are Eric Ryan and Dylan Jayse. Maybe Jayse? It's short for Jayson. It took forever for us to come up with both the boys names so I know it's tough but once you hit the right name you'll know. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Bryce, Aidan, Grayson, Brady, Tyler, and Devon are my suggestions

Kelly said...

Well Jess, I really have no clue...I have a Landon and love one else even in the whole town is named Landon, so that's maybe Levi, Spencer, Devin, Bryce, Kael...oh my Grayson, love that name, good pick Michelle!!

Good luck!!
Hugs, K

debhorst said...

Congrats!! I did not have a boy when I thought I was going to so how about the name I had to leave behind--Kyle Quinton!! Don't worry, I am very happy with my little girl--actually she is not very little any more--she will be 13 in April!!

Callie Michelle said...

Holy cow! Look at all those great names. We're done with babies... but we have a neighbor here named Rueger (like the rifle) and how about James for a Middle name? That's what we'd be doing if we had another boy... we really like the name.
Rueger James Smith??? Just my thoughts.
Happy Blogaversary and Birthday too!! Thanks for the chance for some goodies!!

Alanna said...

Happy birthday and blogaversary. I really like the name Noah but that's probably not as different as you'd like. I think my brain is having a hard time thinking of unique names.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Аленка said...

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Аленка said...

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Sammi said...

I know I'm too late for your candy comp... but I still wanted to wish you a happy blogoversary!! :)
and I will give you some more names to ponder too...

Jasper or Malachi would be lovely names for a little boy!


kim-paperbabe said...

Hi Jessica I realise I'm late for your blogaversary and wanted to congratulate you on your news having a boy... My boy is Dillon Christopher Costello,

Is was Dillon since I was at school the spelling had to do with my irish blood line, as is my baby girl Maoleidigh,

I always Like Lee, Phelan (fwail - awn), Quinn - "intelligent," Hugh is quite nice too! Good luck and congratulations, HuGs Kim x